Naturist massage and Jacuzzi marriage bubbles and Zen

The bath of travelers.

Feel the invigorating sensation of spa relaxation enriched with seaweed or salt from the Dead Sea.

A scalp massage brightened up with a fountain of youth will be administered, but beware ... The journey does not stop there, after a short stop, get an invigorating nudist massage which put all your senses in turmoil.

The apotheosis of well-being offered by whirlpool massage, with light therapy according to naturist Natur & Zen. A unique blend dedicated to your body for your well-being, a journey for adventurers, sedentary or nomadic.

  • Duration :Approx 1 h 30
  • Price :290 Euros
  • Option 4 hands :390 Euros
  • Option for Couples : 490 Euros
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