The reflection of the sens, Mirror, mirror, discover me…!!!

When the delicacy of the velour lets perceive the beauty of the sumptuous curves of a stripped body, covered with oils, sublimated by the majesty of the moment, leave your slipped glance and to thread with its liking in a space or all will be granted to him.

For the greatest pleasure of the eyes and directions, leave in immersion in a universe to the 1001 facets and discovery. 360 degree of pure happiness and magic, nothing will be able escaped with your glance. A scientist mixes makes intersection between the softness of a sensual and naturist massage coupled with the exoticism of a space rich in emotion, welcome in the REFLECTION OF SENS.
The eye, All the universe is in him, since he sees, since he reflects. “Guy of Maupassant”

  • Duration : 60mn / Price :190 Euros
  • 4 Hands : 60 Mn / 380 Euros
  • Option couples :390 Euros
  • Duration : 90 Mn / 280 Euros
  • 4 Hands : 90 Mn / 460 Euros
  • couples : 90 Mn / 430 Euros

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